The need to feel loved!


I am sure I have penned on similar topic earlier as well as this is one of the constant struggles I face and even something I am sensitive about.

Isn’t it weird that even though we know we are loved by our closed ones but we still need to feel loved? I am not entirely sure, if it is a want or a need. I am hoping I am not alone that struggles with this. Yes, it is amazing to have people who love you, knowing that they love you. It is a blessing. However, it’s only human nature to expect that feeling to be validated once in a while.

I don’t think it is the big fat gestures that do the deed, it is the genuine admission of love when least expected, it is making someone feel like they are a part of your life, involving them in those small things you do, sharing mundane thoughts that cross your head with them. It’s all this for me. People who yearn to feel loved always make others feel loved, isn’t it? However, the major disbalance occurs when the person who does this is taken for granted and there is nothing from the other side. People want you to believe that they love you and yet there will be no effort from their end towards the same, it is really hard to stick around then. You just need to hang on to the words that there is love. It is only when there is a revolt that they will rush to prove that they love you too, that is neither fair nor is it love. It is just the need for that person to continue showering love on you that is making you do this.

If you genuinely consider this human need to feel loved, it also stems from lack of self love. I don’t think this is true entirely, but to major extent it does seem correct. It is said that if you love yourself, you will not need others to show you love. While I agree that we can be happy if we love ourselves, I would still say we need other humans, their love and support. Self love is important as it is the only thing which will push you to know when must you step up and leave. It is that love for your own being which will help you place yourself over others.

It is so bitter to have to choose to either love yourself or love someone else as the two cannot coexist due to lack of efforts from the other side and if you are facing that choice between yourself and someone, are you loved by that someone and do you love yourself if you choose to stay?

9 thoughts on “The need to feel loved!

  1. I don’t think love requires efforts, it makes everything effortless, I know it’s a bit filmy, but it is true. Both self love and loving someone else can go hand in hand, they are both different things, you can try doing things like Akshay Kumar in dhadkan, 😁😁, you can laugh but you can try too,

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    • Exactly if it is suppose to be effortless and natural, how come there is a disbalance of just being abundance of love on one side and nothing from the other side. It is not just about romantic love but love in any relationship. Self love and loving other should go hand in hand but what when it does not? What when it is not reciprocated in same way?


      • Answer is quite simple, you can love everyone the way you want but can’t expect the same, everyone has their own way to show it, right. Its tough to love someone that way, when the other person is not receiving the vibes.

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      • That is true, expectations are the blocks that make love complicated. Yes, everyone shows it in different ways too. But when the ways are not similar, it is bound to hurt someone or the other.


      • It does hurt, but I don’t know how to explain or make you understand the love I know. Don’t worry things will come around, just give it some more time and some more patience,

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