To the good people I know!


““The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” ― Edmund Burke

I am no one to define a good or a bad person, however we will all agree that there come some scenarios where this distinction is as clear as black and white. There is no gray. So is it enough to be good? We did not do the bad deed, we are the good people. Is it okay to not stop the bad? The most common thing that I have seen good people do is “to do nothing at all”.

Personally, my blood boils when things are obviously wrong and I do my best to voice the same, correct people and help in anyway I can. However, I have seen so many people do or say nothing because there is no direct impact on them. The most common and relevant example for this is “apolitical” people. When this politics is killing people, you being apolitical is as good as helping facilitate those deaths. One of the few people I had just started looking upto as an influencer is “Beer Biceps”, Ranveer Allahbadia and was harshly reminded how we should choose our heros wisely. He recently tweeted that a person’s political opinion should not matter to opine about that person and then went on to suggest he is apolitical and that his ideology is “Don’t complain if you cannot do something about it” and he advised how he has brought change. So, homeless people should not complain because they cannot do anything about their poverty? Muslims should not complain because obviously their religion cannot be changed? What exactly does “don’t complain if you cannot change” mean here? To me, it only reeks of privilege where this person who has access to everything easily came to top and is now shitting on people beneath him. He is someone whom so many people look upto and he can use this to INFLUENCE people in the right way but hey, his job description says fitness so rest is not his responsibility. I am certain he flunked moral science class in school. This is exactly how the evil wins because the good people just sit back and watch the world burn.

This is just one example, right now tons of bollywood celebrities, rich people and basically the most privileged section of society is either running away, hiding or vacationing. Is it fair that they receive so much love from common people and when it is time to give back some of it? Is it fair that so many people are still saying or doing NOTHING to voice against problem makers?

To be extremely clear, not common man and not the influencers, no one should have to step up and assist someone who is dying or about to die because of covid. It’s someone else’s job. Common man is stepping up because authorities are NOT doing their job. When you see deaths around you and you have the power to make the difference but you choose to close your eyes because that’s convenient then you are letting the evil win and you are just as bad.

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