Walk The Talk!

As someone who has started and failed a lot at getting fit, I am very happy to announce that I AM TRYING AGAIN! I am a bit ashamed at my earlier attempts but I am excited that I am still trying!!! Okay maybe let’s not say I have failed at earlier attempts but I have definitely slacked. When we could go outside (who even remembers how that feels) and I used to commute for my job, I did not need to conciously work on keeping my body active. I guess this is the same story for majority of us. Lockdown and my feeble attempts have made one thing clear though, I WANT TO STAY FIT. My definition of fit might be timid but ya I want to be fit as per me.

So, for this attempt, I am planning to start slow. I will start by walking and my initial 3 day target is 3k steps a day. I gradually plan to take this to 10k a day and then include some more small exercises. Exercising without a standard goal that I can see visibly being achieved has not worked for me, so I have decided to use Google Fit and track my work. I was so ecstatic when I realized my target for today has been achieved and it was genuinely very easy. Like I was not tired, infact I wanted to do more. Maybe because I was motivated? Whatever the reason, I am very happy. It drastically made my day better. But then, we are in lockdown and I know that I could be a mental mess tomorrow and not do anything. That is the reason I am posting this, to remind myself that I have made a commitment and I need to keep it. Here’s to hoping I do keep it.

Just thought of something that seems funny to me, I always keep the commitments I make to others and not when I have made a commitment to myself. Guess I got to change that.

Also, let me know if there is a better app to track this? Also, what more can I include which is not overwhelming but still helps?

8 thoughts on “Walk The Talk!

  1. Wow… You creating new benchmark for yourself with every passing day❤️❤️ *touchwood* I feel you’ve started on a great note.. may be you can add meditation to the list too. All the best😘😘

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  2. INCREDIBLE! So proud of you.Get comfortable with tracking steps and walking 3k steps daily and once you hit the 10k mark, gift yourself a fitness tracker or a smart watch. Since, it has a heart rate monitor, the steps and calorie count is more accurate. Set daily goals and celebrate each victory. I’m so glad you took this step to incorporate fitness in your daily life. That’s probably the best form of self love you can achieve. YOU CAN DO THIS!!!

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    • I so so so hope I reach 10k. Will pakka get fitness watch! I anyway love those but never bought cos m scared i wont use it well! However, if i stick to this I just might buy because it is REALLY motivating!!!

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      • That’s exactly why it’ll be a great reward for all the hard work you’ll put in crossing the 10k mark. Smart watches will be very useful in your fitness journey. Earn it!


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