Don’t should on yourself!

When someone is anxious, in distress, worried or just down, our first instinct is to want to help them. While the intention is noble, if we do it in the wrong way we might just be ruining it further. I am someone who is still learning how exactly can we help others or even ourselves in the correct way when having a bad mental health day or a week, because it is not the same for all. The entire internet is filled with slogans, videos, tweets telling you what you SHOULD do to fix what you feel. Even writing that sentence seemed wrong on so many levels. I could understand placing a “should” when you are talking of a black and white situation. Mental health is not black and white. It is big blob of grey or maybe blue (haha, get it?). Not all humans react to mental health help in same way, which is why we have professionals. These professionals have said we don’t know everything about our brain yet and mental health is evolving everyday. Yet, there are some people around us who will say “snap yourself out of it”. I suggest you snap them out of your life, for sometime atleast. While snapping out might have worked for some, it might not work on others. Nothing ever has to be “SHOULD”, even more so when you are not at your full capacity. Making it compulsory by adding a should we might just be adding to the stress. Hence, the title. I heard it on a random podcast and it is now my favorite line ever!!

Our body and mind don’t have to work the same way daily, ask yourself what you are capable of doing, on such days especially, and do not push it. Your mind is asking for a day off, allow it. It’s that time you need to show yourself some love. Do what works for you, whether it is as lame as watching garbage tv or as profound as journaling.

You do you!

PS: Watching garbage tv is the best! 10/10 I recommend.

8 thoughts on “Don’t should on yourself!

  1. You do you❤️
    So perfect… Especially the black nd white part… So perfect… Even if you don’t understand what’s going on with the person please understand that it’s valid and not necessarily same as your interpretation of depression ❤️❤️

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  2. That’s a pretty grey area. I’m always at a loss for words when I encounter such a situation. I don’t know what to say, what would work best for the other person or what would make them feel better. I try to share my experiences which wouldn’t relate to the other person at all! Still a big work in progress for me, this one!🥺

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    • You should not pressurize yourself about that too. It is okay even if you are just around. You SHOULD NOT have to know how to help. More often than not just validating them also works! No one knows the entirety of this this!

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